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Sally’s Beauty Therapy Luxurious Beauty Treatments in Potters Bar

Treatments for the Body . waxing

Treatments for the Body

- At Sally’s beauty, we use premium wax which contains the finest natural ingredients for removing hairs as short as 1mm for unwanted facial or body hair.

Treatments for the Body . IPL

- IPL is the most effective long-term solution to hair removal for men and women. The treatment involves light pulses that penetrate into the skin and are absorbed by the melanin present in the hair. The heat produced by the light destroys the hair follicles.

Treatments for the Body . 3D lipo

- A powerful three dimensional alternative to liposuction. Ultrasound creates a pressure wave which breaks the fat cells and turns them into a liquid which is then disposed of by the body naturally resulting in natural fat loss.

Treatments for the Body . radio fren

Radio Frequency
- This treatment generates energy that penetrates the skin layers to selectively heat the skin tissue. The heat chased by the radio frequency waves results in contraction of the collagen fires causing the skin to tighten.

Treatments for the Body . caci hand

CACI hand treatment
- Hand rejuvenation treatment using an intensive hand mask followed by electro gloves that are activated by the CACI system that deliver tiny electrical impulses that help improve skins firmness and boost circulation. Leaving your hands feeling silky, smooth and looking visibly softer and more youthful.

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